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la place at Rue Galilee opts to make your dining experience a culinary treat featuring fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients from the various markets and suppliers in and around Marseillan.

Chambre d'hôtes Rue Galilée is located in the heart of the old village of Marseillan. 

Please find more info and book your stay here.

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JESPER DAHL... a Swedish chef with nearly 30 years of experience from working across Sweden in small as well as big, simple as well as fine dining and Michelin starred restaurants.

His food philosophy is based on seasonality, locality and simplicity.  Further more, layered flavours, contrasts in textures and temperatures are all important elements to include in order to produce interesting and well balanced dishes.

"The source and quality of ingredients are of utmost importance and I always try to use ingredients in season - local if available - when their flavours are at their very best. Above all, the food needs to taste great!"

Words from our guests


Review from Kevin/ 

“Janne is a wonderful host as is Jesper, but a special mention must go to Jespers cuisine; fantastic. Breakfast was terrific but we ate there one evening and it was exceptional!”


Annika Voltaire, Blogger -

“Vi fick förmånen att avsluta vår lilla vintur med Gavelinwine här och avnjuta en helt sagolikt god middag. Det här är ett ställe som får våra allra bästa rekommendationer.”


From the guest book at Rue Galilée
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